In the beginning…

…was the other blog, and the other blog was good.  But the other blog was on Blogger and now Blogger looks a bit too bloggy, so here I am.  Yay WordPress.  Or not, I’m still trying to get used to the back end of this bloody contraption (did you know you can edit the CSS whatchamacallit without a degree in computer things? It’s amazing.  I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, but it’s amazing…).

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is (not) Alex and I may not be entirely sane, which is to say I like to say things most people have the good sense not to say.  As it turns out, that’s a good thing (for you, my lovelies, not so much for me, the idiot getting slapped around by life).  Be warned, I will swear, possibly profusely, and I have been known to use crude imagery and filthy puns that will make your panties blush.  Be further warned, some of what I say will be offensive to someone, somewhere, but such is life, deal with it (ideally not in my comments section, please).

For all my lovelies making the move with me, I’ve moved house with some of my old posts, none of the guest posts (because I can’t be dragging people all over the internet without their permission, can I?  Wait, can I?), and, perhaps most tragically, none of the comments (because disqus is still an ass, even in WordPress).  The old blog will remain intact, my, our, archive in this age of never forgetting internet.  This is simply a continuation, but on a cleaner page, with bigger font, and embedded videos.  Yes?  Yes.


When I write about sex, I don’t write erotica and such like sensuous porn, I write about sex sex, real sex, scientific sex even, and sex in (somewhat) lurid (often gratuitous) detail.  If that sentence scares you, you might want to reconsider your foray into the depths we call the sewer.  If you’re hoping for a salacious tale of lust and titillation, this is not the place.  If, however, you’re looking to have a sober, grown up discussion about matters pertaining to our sex lives, please, join in the conversation.

I also write about…well, everything else really, but I am particularly fond of calling politician idiots.  All politicians, everywhere.  And of course preachers.  And journalists.  And Sepp Blatter.  And maybe some of the men I know…


1. Thou shalt not use anonymous to comment.  Make up a fake name, dammit, that’s what the interwebs are for, no?
2. Thou shalt not steal from me, but thou can borrow, provided you tip your hat in my direction (see copyright).
3. Thou shalt not tell my mother about the sewer.  No really, please don’t tell her.

Find me and my reading list on twitter or send me an email (, but only if you have nice things to say to me, or as a heads up if you plan to sue me.