Blogging 204: Is nothing sacred?

You idiots, you must stop stealing from me.

Yes, you.

I’ve never bothered to do the whole copyright protected disclaimer on this page because I figured no one would be silly enough to steal from the sewer, right?  Wrong.  Seems there’s no honour among deviants either.

Now I have had people ‘borrow’ from me before, use me as their ‘inspiration’ for a topic, or subconsciously using the odd ‘no?’ or ‘my lovelies’ as they speak.  That’s just fine, I do the same thing myself, all the time.  Odds are you can tell what I’m reading by how, more importantly what, I write, reflecting influences from Doc and the crazy sex lady on Salon, through to Flani and Woolie, but I’d like to think that I never blatantly rip them off, claiming their words, or styles, as my own.  I take inspiration, and then I add them into mine, not me into theirs.  Some geniuses out there, however, are adding themselves to me, and passing me, us, off as their individual brilliance.

That’s a spectacularly shitty thing to do, and it will stop, henceforth.

Cue awkward silence…

This is the best bit about the interwebs, nothing will bloody change, will it?  Buggers will come, read, replicate, and life will move on.  But before you choose to rob my sewer, a word of wisdom, my lovelies.  Sewer tales earn you the unfortunate reputation of unseriousness.  You will be written off by the ‘real’ writers, those ones with poetry and shit, as nothing more than an uncouth hack.  You will never win a BAKE award, or be nominated, not unless they start a sex blog section (I’m laughing hysterically.  That’s never gonna happen, thankfully…).  Now if the sewer is something you genuinely love, that warning will make no difference to you, because you know that to have certain conversations you need to be in a hidden corner of the internet, away from the moral bastards.  If, however, you’re using the sex to get famous, don’t bother, and if you do, don’t steal my well thought out and carefully researched sex (I am not mocking myself, this time).  Go out and get your own damn sex, you thieving little…


I don’t mind being robbed, but I object to foolish, and lazy, robbers.