Idiot Press: The Standard Edition

I have little to no respect for the Standard Group in general, The Standard Newspaper in particular.  For too long they have specialised in pushing their master’s agenda, and given that their master is a former president, along with his cronies, well, they have no credibility in my book.  Unless, that is, I feel like siding with the KANU types, for whatever reason (I see the irony of that position, but our governments and the stunts they pull sometimes make for strange bedfellows).  Given my opinion of this media house, it therefore comes as no surprise that I consider their coverage of the Shollei matter less than satisfactory.

See what I just did?  I issued a disclaimer, stating clearly that I dislike those bastards, and therefore have a strong bias against them.  Did you read any sort of disclaimer in The Standard concerning their bias towards Gladys Boss Shollei?  At any point, did you see a statement saying, in unequivocal terms, that Mrs Shollei is the wife of Mr Shollei, MD of the Standard Group?  Was there any editorial talking about the nature of the relationship between this media group and the embattled registrar, even as they launched an all out smear campaign against her employers?  A newspaper prints what it claims are private emails from our CJ, and they don’t bother to tell us that mkubwa’s wife is the subject of said emails?

Exactly what in the hell is the media council for?

And just for the record, I don’t care who the Standard Group does or doesn’t support, I only want them to declare any conflicts of interest and/or vested interests upfront.  Campaign for the wife all you want, but do not pretend to be doing it for the good of the country, come out and tell us, ‘Roho safi, my wife is in a spot of trouble, and now I’m going do everything I can to sort her out, mpende msipende!‘  They did not do that, and for that they have lost the last remaining smidgen of respect I had for their pretence of a paper.  Bloody NKT!

It started here, How Kenya Judiciary Chief Registrar Gladys Shollei will clear her name.  Then came, Gladys Shollei reveals her battles with Ahmednasir Abdullahi and JSC team, and, Succession battles said to be behind CJ, Shollei war, and, Hand-picked team comes up with a 6-page document titled ‘WarStrategy’ advising CJ to kick Shollei out.  If that wasn’t enough, Judicial Service Commission members mint millions every month from sittings, and lastly, Is Judicial Service Commission qualified to hear Gladys Shollei probe?  And because they wanted us to never lose sight of who it was they were protecting, they threw in a feature in their women’s magazine, Why women ought to emulate Shollei.

There are certain levels of shamelessness that are simply unacceptable.

Say it with me…NKT!

Meanwhile, here are the allegations against Mrs Shollei, and her response.  Decide for yourself who’s right and who’s wrong, or who’s more right than wrong.